Matt, Kevin and Nick wish you a happy holiday, what ever you celebrate, as long as it involves buying Scene Cred records.

It has been a banner year for Scenester Credentials and we just want to thank each and every person who has purchased one of our releases, gone to one of our bands' shows, booked one of our bands, carry our catalog of music, and anyone who has supported us in any way, shape or form. Thank you very much, we wouldn't exist if the underground scene wasn't filled with so many amazing and active people.

Because we have been so moved by the spirit of the season (as well as the tightening of pocket books) we are offering almost our entire distro and label catalog with HUGE SALE sale prices up through the end of the year. As a special bonus, whenever you order more the $20 worth of items from the distro, you get a free T-shirt.

Let Scenester Credentials help make some holiday moments come true for you and your family. Think about the smile on little Suzy's face when she opens that new ft (the Shadow Government) LP or how Papa could really use that Spectacle double-LP to win over the hearts of the red hat ladies. Imagine Marah-Mar playing softly in the background during Christmas dinner will really enhance the mood. Or your Uncle Jimmy finally being able to listen to that Horde CD he had been wanting. These are just some of the precious moments that Scenester Credentials can help create.

So yeah, good music, good prices, good dudes!

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Aseethe/Mauul split 12-inch, Navitas est Deus finally available. We've pressed only 109 copies and very few of these remain after the recent Aseethe and Shores of the Tundra tour. We're not going to repress this, so pick one up now

Yakuza's Transmutations double LP and Aseethe/Shores of the Tundra split 7-inch will be off to the pressing plant soon. These will be the last two release for the label of 2008, then we are taking a break. We only have one release planned for 2009 so far and it's gonna be a good one. What a year, so far.

The Tanks, ft (the Shadow Government) (not joking), Aseethe, Shores of the Tundra, The Horde and In Defence are all planing tours. Yakuza, Get Rad and Call Me Lightning will be constantly playing shows. Don't for get to catch The Tanks if you can (date on the band's Myspace page) and pick up Keep Breaking Down while your at it. (You can also pick up the album in our Web store and finer independent record distributors.)

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Well, somebody's been slacking off. More long-overdue updates:

Shores of the Tundra's Heart of the Beckoning 12-inch is out and selling fast. The first 114 copies, a Red Flower version, are almost sold out. Pick this up in our webstore now! Both Shores of the Tundra and Aseethe start their Midwest tour on Sept. 23. Both will have their new 12-inch releases with them on the road. You can check their respective Myspace pages for dates and venues.

The Horde's From Empire to Ashes CD is recieving some rave reviews, even being refered to as "the best metal album of the year!" by one reviewer.

The Tanks's Keep Breaking Down LP-with-CD and stand-alone CD are out. The Tanks are also in the process of booking a three-week Midwest/East Coast tour for November. The vinyl pressing of Yakuza's Transmutations record is still in process. We are just finishing up some art details and should have this off to the plant in the next month or two.

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Exciting stuff coming up here. We've got a few things coming out soon. Check the records page for the up-to-date list with more info coming soon.

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Some long overdue updates:

  • Yakuza, Chicago, Ill., genre-defying jazz, grind, ambient, metal masters, has agreed to let us release their critically acclaimed full length Transmutations on vinyl! It'll be a double-LP gatefold and — as an added bonus — the vinyl version will feature a remix by Justin K. Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh). We're happier then a pig in shit.
  • The Horde's full-length CD From Empire to Ashes is out now. You can pick up a copy of this blood-drenched-sword-wielding metal in our webstore.
  • Aseethe/Mauul's split 12-inch has been re-plated and is at the pressing plant. The record will be limited to 100 copies and should be ready in a month or so. Also, Aseethe has an upcoming midwest tour with Shores of the Tundra planned for September.
  • Shores of the Tundra's 12-inch, Heart of the Beckoningis at the plant right now.

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We're less than a week away from the release of The Horde's From Empire to Ashes compact disc. After much delay, the art work, mixing and mastering have been finalized for this most epic of metal records. The band's brand of metal conjures up memories of parking lot mayhem mixed with epic D&D-type warrior-versus-monster battles. This is real metal played by real men of metal.

You can pick up a copy (before the official release show) on May 30 at the formerly know as Q Bar The Industry in Iowa City or May 31 at Bernies in Fort Madison.

Also, ft (the Shadow Government) is playing a rare live performance on Friday, June 6 in Minneapolis at the always-lovely Triple Rock Social Club.

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Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 15, come out the release show for the Black Market Fetus / In Defence split 7-inch at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines.

That's right, this record is one day from release. 300 red vinyl copies, 300 black vinyl copies and with 100 cloth-cover tour editions for the bands' upcoming tour.

Black Market Fetus plays fast paced thrashed out punk with extreme heavy metal riffage and they may be Iowa's best and longest running band! In Defence are some straight up posi-thrash dudes from Minneapolis. Another killer Midwest hardcore split. We love this record so much it makes us wanna call our bros (and sisters) up for an evening of tacos and carnage.

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When reviewing our freebie label sampler in the newest issue, The Big Takeover said we “will likely become the Dischord of Iowa.” Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

They also called ft (the Shadow Government) their “new favorite band,” so we'll let 'em pass.

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Maybe you saw them over there. Maybe you didn't.

But if you look to your left — NOT THAT FAR LEFT! That's better — you can see the two new releases we've got for you.

Both are split 7-inches. One is from Milwaukee, Wisc., bands Get Rad and Call Me Lightning and they cover each others songs. The other is a cross-Atlantic match up with the Midwest's Trendy Bastard and Britain's Krupskaya. Details and, more importantly, links to a place you can buy copies (yes, plural) are to the left.

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Just in time to, uh, miss the crush of Christmas shopping, or something, comes an update on the slate of SceneCred release for two-double-aught-eight.

This week should see the release of the Trendy Bastard and Krupskaya split 7-inch (SC012). The Get Rad and Call Me Lightning split 7-inch (SC013) is at the plant and covers will go off soon, so it should become available next month.

Later this year — we hope all before April (but we've said that before) — will be The Horde's From Empire to Ashes released as a compact disc and a limited LP (SC015) and a pair of splits: Aseethe and Mauul limited-to-100 split 12-inch (SC016) and Black Market Fetus and In Defence split 7-inch (SC017).

Two last records are in the planning stages: a split 7-inch from The Horde and Nethervoid and a 12-inch from Shores of the Tundra titled Heart of the Beckoning .

Happy new year.

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For all you waiting on your super-rad limited copies of the newest ft (the Shadow Government) record The Black and White Album, the wait is coming to a close. They were put together last night and will be in the mail soon. We've still got about 10 copies left of the other, less-cool, not-quite-as-limited version for sale. Buy them (or the other one) before they go bye-bye.

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The last copy of the Burmese Live War 7-inch is gone. It's only taken three-quarters of my adult life. Seriously.

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We're finally down to our very last copy of Burmese Live War 7-inch. It's only taken six years to sell, trade or lose 500 copies. Maybe we'll throw a party.

Oh, and a new ft (the Shadow Governement) will be out next month. It's a massive collaboration recorded at ten locations — including Steve Albini's Electrical Audio, Mike Lust's Phantom Manor and the gun range at Freedonia Ranch — the album features guest performances by William Elliott Whitmore, STNNNG's Chris Besinger, Tornavalanche's Zach Westerdahl and nine others. The offical date of release is November 9.

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So the newest release is out. The Murder of Crows and Copeater split 7-inch has arrived from the plant. The limited version is on black vinyl. You can see additional details or buy it.

We're also taking pre-orders on the latest-and-greatest from ft (the Shadow Government). The Black and White Album “might be one of the best records ever,” says Matt. “Seriously, this thing will fucking blow you away.” A sample track is posted on the band's MySpace page. If you're interested in buying it now and getting it later, send us an e-mail.

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Duncan of The Horde was injured in an accident and has no insurance. If you can, please help him out. You can look for updates on the band's MySpace page.

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Nick, the handsome one

The local college news product, The Daily Iowan, has a write-up about up and another (lame-o) Iowa City label. While the print version featured a photo of both Nick and Matt, the online version simply has the more handsome of the two.

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We have two new split 7-inch releases at the pressing plant. Both showcase some of the best underground hardcore and grind bands in the Midwest. After a long wait the Murder of Crows/Copeater split 7-inch (SC011) is on its way. This record is a total sonic bomb blast, with Muder of Crows offering up one track of epic hardcore while Copeater kills the B side with four gut-wrenching grindcore tracks.

The other soon-to-be-released release is a 7-label split release: Trendy Bastard/Krupskaya split 7-inch (SC012). This is our first international split, featuring two bands that play similar styles of chaotic noisy hardcore only to be seperated by an ocean. This is really exciting to be a part of this project.

And yes, new distro stuff — including a lot of international stuff — is arriving weekly, so keep checking the web store.

Fianlly, a little good news/bad news. Bad news first: we've been forced to raise our international shipping rates because the USPS raised its rates. Again. Good news: We're shipping everything that leaves the States via International Priority so your records will arrive much faster and more safely.


Scenester Credentials releases slated for 2007:

  • Murder of Crows/Copeater split 7-inch. Two brutal and heavy bands from Wisconsin. The classic hardcore-punk-meets-power-violence split record.
  • Trendy Bastard/Krupskaya split 7-inch. Iowa meets the UK in an all-out grinding hardcore slaughter. A five-label release (Sassbologna, Give Praise, Yehonala Tapes, Wolves Fight Good, and Scenester Credentials) painfully limited to 300 copies. This split should prove once and for all that Midwest hardcore is alive and still a threat.
  • Get Rad/Call Me Lightning Covers split 7-inch. Wisconsin's two best bands teaming up on a split record embodying the true meaning of friendship. Covering each other's songs, aping each other's record covers and laughing the whole way. Two equally amazing bands from two totally different genres playing on one kick-ass record.

And finally, we've got a big distro sale going on. Check regularly for new items and sales.

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It's here.

Matt was down at the post office today spending hundreds of dollars to ship copies of I, Fail all over the world.

So, if you ordered a copy, it's on the way. If you didn't, do it.

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Okay, seriously serious. The Spectacle records should be here March 23 March 27. Meanwhile, to tide you over, here is a quick peek at the limited verison.

Limited edition version of The Spectacle, I, Fail.

Don't forget to order a copy.

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Seriously, FedEx says The Spectacle records will be in our hands March 23. Don't forget to order a copy.

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We've gotten a lot of e-mails asking when the pre-order of The Spectacle records will ship. There was a printing error that forced all the covers to be reprinted. But, have no fear, next week, the records will be here.

In the meantime, we've got a few copies of the limited-to-100 version unspoken for in the Web store.

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We know you were checking back five times a day and blaming your lost productivity on your employer's newest annoying trait. Well, we're saving you the trouble.

We now offer an RSS feed. (If you're like Matt and don't really want to read the whole article, just know that you'll need an RSS reader, such as Google Reader.)

So go ahead. Subscribe.

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